HarrisX Partners with Veteran Pollster Scott Rasmussen on New Daily Poll Tracking American Political Sentiment

Daily Tracking Poll Will Live on ScottRasmussen.com

HarrisX, a leading research company specializing in online surveys, has partnered with veteran pollster Scott Rasmussen to produce the ScottRasmussen.com Daily Tracking Poll, an ongoing gauge of American voters’ political sentiment. The poll will anchor Rasmussen’s new public-opinion website, ScottRasmussen.com, officially debuting today.


The Daily Tracking Poll quantifies public opinion on topics related to key social issues, current political news, presidential and congressional job approval, trust in American institutions and the degree to which voters are engaging or disengaging from politics. New Daily Tracking Poll data will be showcased seven days a week on ScottRasmussen.com.


The launch of The Daily Tracking Poll marks Rasmussen’s first foray into public opinion polling since 2013, when he departed Rasmussen Reports, the widely-cited political polling company he founded ten years prior. His new namesake website, with the Daily Tracking Poll at its core, aims to zero in on foundational public attitudes rather than the partisan politics that frequently define Washington discourse.


“Our mission is to enhance the public dialogue through data-driven analysis that explores the underlying currents of public opinion. Temporary political preferences come and go, but it is the deeper currents of public attitudes and culture that move the nation forward,” said Rasmussen. “I am excited to work with the HarrisX team to measure those deeper currents using a rigorous methodology and unrivaled professionalism.”


To generate Daily Tracking Poll data, HarrisX will use its HarrisX Overnight Poll service, which surveys more than one thousand Americans and registered voters five nights a week. The survey collects responses from a diverse panel of Americans who are screened to determine voter registration status and reflect a nationally-representative sample weighted for gender, region, race/ethnicity, income, political party, education, and other relevant demographics.


ScottRasmussen.com will publish four to eight poll releases daily. Some of the results will track opinions on particular topics over time while others will measure overnight reaction to events currently in the news. It will feature questions and analysis from a variety of perspectives, based on the belief that people, organizations and institutions outside of government also play a role in governing society. For full transparency and clarity, ScottRasmussen.com will include top-line survey results -- with the precise question wording used in the survey -- along with detailed information on the demographic composition of respondents and significant cross-tabulation of results.


“We’re thrilled to collaborate with Scott on his new venture, and echo his mission of unearthing the nuances of public opinion around social changes, political life, and governance carefully and methodically, and without using partisan lenses,” said Dritan Nesho, CEO and chief researcher at HarrisX. “Our HarrisX Overnight Poll employs what I believe to be all the current best practices of polling in the digital era. I can’t imagine a better partner than Scott to put those techniques to use.”


HarrisX debuted the HarrisX Overnight Poll service earlier this year, building on the company’s history of surveying Americans about their behavior and attitudes around technology, telecom, media topics.


In 2017, HarrisX became part of The Stagwell Group, headed by former Clinton administration pollster Mark Penn, an inventor of the original overnight poll in the 1970s. The Stagwell Group purchased HarrisX from Nielsen, where it operated as part of the Mobile Insights division.


About HarrisX

HarrisX is a leading survey research company that specializes in online polling and the understanding of internet-connected and smartphone consumers. The company has a thirteen-year history assessing public opinion and behavior regarding the telecom, media, and personal technology industries and was formerly part of Nielsen, from which it was acquired in 2017. This year, HarrisX debuted the HarrisX Overnight Poll, which delivers results of general population and voter surveys within 24 hours, looking at Americans’ opinions on society, politics, technology and the economy. HarrisX is part of the Stagwell Group, a private marketing sciences and communications holding group.


About ScottRasmussen.com

The mission of ScottRasmussen.com is to enhance the public dialogue through data-driven analysis that explores the underlying currents of public opinion. Its anchor product, the ScottRasmussen.com Daily Tracking Poll, is based upon survey interviews with 1,000 registered voters per night, five nights a week, conducted by the survey research company HarrisX. Long recognized as one of the world’s leading public opinion pollsters, Scott Rasmussen is the publisher of ScottRasmussen.com. He founded the well-known political polling company Rasmussen Reports in 2003 and departed that company in 2013.