The next generation wireless technology is almost here, and Americans are expecting a lot from it!

Check out full findings of the inaugural 5G Consumer Index Study here


2019 is poised to be the year in which the next generation wireless standard becomes a reality. 5G – the next big thing in tech – is expected to transform technology and with that the world in which we live. There is understandably a lot of buzz and excitement around 5G and the new world of possibilities it will enable, but until today there was little insight into what consumers think of 5G, how they perceive it and what they expect from it. So, it was only natural for HarrisX and T-Mobile to partner in order to fill this void and finally learn what consumers really want.


The purpose of the quarterly HarrisX and T-Mobile 5G Consumer Index is to provide a panoramic view of American consumers’ sentiment around 5G and technological innovation in general. Additionally, the study is set to capture perceptions and expectations around how the next generation wireless technology evolves and transforms our lives as the technology gradually becomes available.


The inaugural (and baseline) study provided some interesting data and insights. It found that Americans are generally aware and excited about 5G and the new innovations it will bring to their lives. They have big expectations on 5G’s impact on job creation, business, healthcare management, etc. But of those aware, a good 29% - almost a third – believe 5G is already available in the US, which shows that there is still a need for better and clearer communication around 5G, it’s availability, and what these “pre-launches” actually mean for consumers.


The study also found that Americans almost universally -- and across party lines -- agree that it is critical for the U.S to invest in technological innovation. And that technological innovation is widely believed to have far-reaching benefits beyond just the technology industry.


For more insights, have a look at the full findings of our study here and remember to come back for more insights on this topic each quarter as we continue to field this important study!


—The HarrisX Team