5G here we come!

By Alex Chizhik


What a week! Just came back from Mobile World Congress 2019 and it was fantastic. Tons of folks, tons of sun, tons of fun!

Reflecting back on the show here are the themes that came up in my conversations:

5G, 5G, 5G, 5G, 5G

Oh and did I mention… 5G? The buzz is abound and everyone is talking about it. What is it? That is still unclear but “it” is here. Verizon and Sprint had huge showroom sections devoted to it. Samsung had a tunnel (a 5G tunnel). Chip makers raved about the technology. Cisco was carving out a leadership role in the space. Fierce Wireless hosted multiple breakfasts about it.

Our own data shows that consumers are largely confused about 5G and how it will impact their lives. And while we are at the of the hype cycle, there is momentum behind the offering



Everyone had a demo. Verizon rolled out their wireless internet service. We, at HarrisX, announced our Telephia telemetry application. Samsung had 5G phones out. The industry is bursting at the seams to make 5G a reality.



Everyone talked about it…few knew how to enact it. I talked about who will eventually pay for the massive 5G build out and how the industry should think about monetization. Others discussed flipped business models – charging for use cases rather than for data usage. We talked bout network infrastructure and 1st party tools. We discussed whether people need network splicing and who would pay. Even virtual RAN architecture came up.

I left Los Angeles with a feeling of excitement and optimist for 2020. 5G here we come!